Thursday, September 13, 2007


My kids drive me crazy! They are old enough to play together now but that also means they are old enough to fight too. You would think that Sam, being the oldest, would have the upper hand, but one of many James' nicknames is Bruiser. Anyway, daily (usually about 5 pm just before John gets home from work) they start really picking on each other: stealing toys, hitting, kicking, biting, telling each other to sit in time out, etc. I usually threaten to put them in their rooms until dad gets home - yeah, like that has ever happened! Needless to say I usually tend to get a little frustrated with their behavior.
Lately, however, I have been able to let it go -until I see blood, that is. The reason is that I have had a few conversations with friends who have problems having kids or have been unable to have them at all. In light of their stories and my own condition that makes pregnancy difficult, I am dang lucky to have these two little rugrats to drive me crazy in the first place! Being able to have children is something most women take for granted. It is something that we are made to do and we do not usually assume that we will have problems, consequently many women put it off - whether for their job or because they don't feel ready - and then discover one day that they want kids and they can't have them.
I am lucky because with a spiritual prompting, John's medical bacground and some early testing we figured out what was going on and in my case the earlier you start trying, the easier it is to resolve the issue. My recent conversations with my friends just reminded me how lucky I am... which I tend to forget in the midst of poopy diapers and screaming fights. Even when they drive me crazy at least they are my kids and I know that at the end of the day (and sometimes inbetween) I get a big hug and kiss and an "I love you!" from my sweet boys.


Phee said...

My mom once tried to spank Eric and Lamont and it was disastrous: she wasn't willing to spank as hard as my dad, so Eric and Lamont just laughed and jumped on the bed as she did it.

So Mom had to change tactics. She ended up being the talk-it-out-for-punishment type. Or the use-psychology-to-make-them-feel-bad type. That's the way she was by the time I was misbehaving.

Usually we preferred the quick spanking from Dad to the let's-be-adults-and-talk-this-out method.

Your kids sound cute! I'm glad you posted on Marci's blog!

yamsey said...

I think I am probably more like your dad than your mom. As far as parenting goes, John is the calm, rational one and I am the disciplinarian.
Sam at age four has already figured out that if he asks me for something and I say no then all he has to do is ask his dad.
James at two has figured out that if he is going to do something bad he should do it when I am not watching. We have nicknamed him Trouble.
They are cute but who knew they could be so tricky this young!