Saturday, September 22, 2007

how old are you really?

Tyler and Becca sent me this fun link. Apparently I am only 11 (way too young to have 2 kids!) and going to live to be 91. Check it out.

Enjoy the survey while I finally stop procrastinating and start painting my house. We do want to put it on the market sometime this century. Ack!


Phee said...

I'm 14.5. I'll live to be 88. Chrissa (my wife) is 30.9 and will live to be 68. We're going to get a life insurance policy for her THIS WEEK.

Our dog, Champ, is 0.9 and will live to be 78. That's because he "seldom drives" and only eats "two meals a day".

yamsey said...

Going for the older women, huh? Good luck with the insurence policy, just don't mention the quiz.
We are on our way to get a policy too. John's numbers were so bad he won't let me tell anyone what they were!

International Tease said...

I'm 11 1/2 and will also live to be 91. I feel so healthy! Perhaps I should go out and cultivate a cocaine problem or something... :D

yamsey said...

Tell you what Julie, if we both live to be in our 90s we'll have to hit the clubs together - or maybe pick up a barrista or two at XandOs again. Deal?