Monday, May 28, 2007

stupid computer

I love this age of technology where with only a computer linked to the internet practically any information we desire is right at our fingertips. However, just as I begin to take this incredible technological miracle for granted, my computer breaks - or in the PC term, "catches a virus" or has a "corrupt file".
Honestly, I am convinced that my computer has a personality. It seems to know when I am in the middle of something important and then all of a sudden: uh-oh this program has performed an "illeagal operation" and has to shut down. You can almost hear that little robotic voice blowing a raspberry and laughing wickedly at my despair. All of these "viruses" and "illegal operations" are actually temper tantrums of the most devious kind. One day I am sure that we will figure out how to predict the erratic robotic emotions of our computers and will be able to pacify them with a few extra mB's of memory or something. In the meantime I guess we just take a few extra deep breaths, try not to throw the computer out of the window, and call tech support for the umpteenth time.

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