Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Philadelphia Driving Laws

Last week one of the programs on NPR was a discussion on driving manners and customs. It got me thinking about the culture of driving here in Philadelphia. I grew up out west and to tell you the truth, I have encountered several driving practices here that I have never seen before. So here are the top five.

5) Red lights are only red lights from 5 seconds after they turn red and until the opposing traffic light turns yellow.

4) Turning lanes are optional. You can make a left turn from the far right hand lane just as easily as you can from the turning lane. Just don't mind the other cars honking rudely at you.

3)Double parking is so much easier than parallel parking; everyone should do it! Once you have perfected the art of double parking, try triple parking. It is even more fun!

2) Turning signals are for chumps. When you use a turning signal it only encourages the cars around you to speed up and cut you off.

1) Whenever possible take a shortcut to cut off the drivers around you. "Shoulder" is a nickname for shortcut. Gas stations and shopping centers are other good paths you can use to get ahead. Pay no attention to the people or slow moving vehicals that may be in you way; they are merely obstacles you must overcome to reach the front of the line. When challenged by a red light see rule #5.

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Tyler said...

After noticing the same things about Philadelphia drivers, Rebecca and I determined that Philadelphia drivers must be the worst in the country. We have driven quite a bit in Boston, and a decent amount in NYC, too. Nowhere have we seen more dangerous driving than in Philadelphia.