Thursday, July 15, 2010

last day

For our last day of the family reunion we went boating with Dad and Anne at Quail Lake (known as Quail Creek when I was a kid but whatever).  It was July 3rd, a very hot day and we feared it would be very crowded as well.  Lucky for us the lake was pretty empty.  Dad took 5-6 people out at a time while the rest of us played on the shore.  He had a taco that was perfect for the kids to ride on alone or with their parents.  The adults and older kids started holding competitions for the coolest trick:  standing on one leg, doing barrel rolls, etc.  My boys just held on for dear life (with John or I riding behind them) and prayed that they didn't tip over.  It was really a lot of fun for everyone.  Around 2 or 3 the kids were done so I took them back to my parents' house and John stayed behind with Jared and Steph to do some water skiing.

That afternoon Mom found a random stash of fourth of July novelties in her pantry so she pulled them out for the kids to play with.  Bedecked in red, white and blue we all traipsed outside to watch Tim launch some water balloons on his homemade water balloon rocket launcher.  It hurled the balloons almost 200 feet in the air.  We decided after a couple of test runs from the side yard (and almost hitting the neighbor's BMW twice!) that we had better take the launching to the park so we didn't dent any cars.  On our way to the park our friends from Seattle, Laura (previously seen at Myrtle Beach) and Jeff, called to say they were in town and on their way over for a quick visit.  They met up with us at the park and enjoyed Tim's water balloon launcher as much as the rest of us.  They couldn't stay long (just long enough for Hayley and Sam to reconnect) but it was fun to see them again!
That evening (after John and I finished packing for our early morning departure) we were invited up to the neighbor's house to watch the fireworks from their balcony which had an incomparable view of St George.  The kids (all 11 of them- Ty and Becca and Theo had left for MA earlier in the day) who had been going non-stop all week, dropped like flies during the 45-ish minute fireworks display.  Only the oldest four actually made it through the whole thing without falling asleep or asking to be (and being) taken home. 
It was a peaceful ending to the day and the week as a whole but I was NOT ready to go home.  One week with my whole family is just not enough time!  While we chatted about future get togethers, the majority was pushing for a full out vacation on neutral ground (so no one family has the responsibility of hosting- which is still stressful despite everyone taking turns cooking) with no cd so we could spend the entire time relaxing and playing.  I highly agree.  I just wish we could do it next month!

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very nice. i had a water balloon launcher at a place called eagle lake. Another bird themed lake =P. Great pics.