Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 6

Day six was our scheduled recording day.  Mom made Star Wars pancakes then John, Tracy and Dwane (our non-singing spouses) loaded up the older boys (Henry, TJ, Nathan , Cam, Samuel and James) and took them to the cabin to do some 4-wheeling.  We got some neighbor girls and their mom to watch the little ones and then we took off for the studio.  For this cd we planned an ambitious 5 group numbers and Mom insisted we do a rerecording of "Did You Think to Pray." 
So the thing about recording with my family is that we all get along really well.  Which is a good thing after a couple of hours in the studio!  Some of our family (Jared and Steph) would rather not participate in the cds and are dragged into this kicking and screaming- or by decree from Mom who rarely lays down the law quite as firmly as she does when these cds are concerned.  The rest of us for the most part really enjoy singing together and are willing to put in the work just so we can enjoy the cd later.  When things start getting a little stressful or people start snipping at each other, inevitably, Tim or Jared will crack a joke to get everyone relaxed again. 
We started the recording with a simple song: "How Can I Keep From Singing."  This song was Lisa's suggestion and actually turned out to be our theme for the cd- as much for its pluthera of meanings as anything else.  Our picture for the back of the cd cover is everyone covering each others' mouths (and Ty and Becca kissing - ewwww!)  to keep us from singing.  We took one with Jared and Steph trying to run out the door too, but it didn't turn out as well- too bad!
Around about our third or fourth song "Didn't My Lord Deliver Daniel," which is a tough gospel spiritual, we were all starting to get a little tired and frustrated.  As we were waiting for our recording tech to hook up a mic for some drums (yes, our accompanist was multi talented) Tim started changing the words to the bass line to sing about how our week had gone so far.  For example:  "Can someone change the baby's diaper?  Change the baby's diaper?  Change the baby's diaper?  Yes, yes I will."  Things just snowballed from there until we were all taking our parts of the song and changing the words.  If we weren't paying for the studio by the hour we probably would have sat down and written out lyrics so that we could record a silly version of the song as an extra track.  As it was we kept ourselves thoroughly entertained while we were waiting to record some more.
With four songs recorded we took a lunch break (Three cheers for Cafe Rio!!!) as we waited for Dwane to bring Henry down from the cabin to sing with us and I went to feed Matthew.  The last song "Battle Hymn of the Republic" went well and we did a quick one and a half times through "Did You Think to Pray" just so Mom could get it on the cd.  At which point Jared and Steph got out of the studio so fast we didn't even realize they were gone.  Of course, everyone but Tyler and Becca (She had some more recording of her own stuff to do) and Keri (who had a harp solo to do) took off for home to get ready for the next event:  movie night. 
Keri, Lisa, Mom and I are all fans of the Twilight books.  Usually we try to go to the movies on the same day so that we can call and chat about it after the fact.  Eclipse was the first movie that we all got to see together during opening weekend.  Steph, Tim and Anne came with us.  So the rest of the adults in the family took the older kids to see Toy Story 3 at the same time.  While we were waiting for the movie to start, the manager of the theater came in with an Eclipse t-shirt and a couple of Eclipse pins.  He offered them to anyone who was willing to get up and do some sort of talent for the group.  Keri and I looked at each other and she said, "Well, we kind of have to, don't we."  We had been in a recording studio all day after all.  So all of us, (yes, even Steph) got up and did a verse of "Daniel" (minus the tenors who were at Toy Story 3).  We had the audience clapping and everything.  They gave us the shirt and the buttons.  And the movie was fun, too. =)

I would love to post some of the song tracks once I get a copy of the cd- thanks for the suggestion, Sam.  However, I have no idea how to do that so if anyone has some mad blogger skills and wants to tell me how, that would be great!


Amy said...

My sister, Laura, posts songs on her blog ALL the time. Just n=message her on Facebook. I am sure she would be glad to tell you how. I would LOVE to hear a song or two!...or ten!

Stacey Keller Thompson said...

so fun to see and hear about you and your family Erin! Sounds like all is well! Are you coming up North at all during your Utah trip? Hope you have a great time! Keep in touch!