Monday, July 19, 2010

11 months old and going strong

Last week Matthew hit the 11 month mark.  He is a speed crawler and is pulling himself up and walking a little while holding on to the furniture.  He hates to sit still at all- ever.  You can imagine that plane rides and church are especially fun with him.  (sigh)  We have renamed him Mr. Squirmy Pants.  We finally pulled out the baby gates because he is obsessed with the stairs and has taken a few tumbles down the four steps between the kitchen and family room. 
Matthew's most favorite thing to do is play with Daddy and his big brothers.  He is now strong enough to hold one of the pool noodle lightsabers from the boys' birthday parties. He sits there and giggles as he swings it around a little and the boys gently knock lightsabers with him.  Too funny!
Matthew also started clapping last week- he is very proud of it too- and playing peek-a-boo holding the blanket himself!
I can't believe it has almost been a year!  Now all we need to do is get him sleeping through the night... I wish.

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