Friday, May 8, 2009

quilting bee

My sister Lisa came up for a couple of days this week. There was a special program for homeschool kids at Valley Forge National Park so the boys and I went with her. It was beautiful - for the first time all week - and we actually learned some cool details about the encampment of Washington's army.
Anyway, when we were home hanging out I helped Lisa with a little project she has been working on since December. Her husband, Tracy, had a grandmother who had started a piece quilt and never finished it. Tracy's Mom gave it to Lisa in hopes that she could finish it. Lisa wanted to have it finished in time for Mother's Day. By the time she brought the quilt up to Philly this week she was ready to hand stitch the binding. We spent at least 5 hours hand sewing the binding of the quilt, finally finishing this morning around 10am. It was so much fun to work with my big sis on a project and the sewing was just what I needed to make my nesting compulsion subside - for a day or two. =) I love having one of my sisters so close. Keri, don't you want to move back east again???
Oh, and note to self: next time just machine sew the binding. Holy cow! That was a lot of work!


Jewels said...

Wow, that quilting project sounds great! No picture to post of it?

International Tease said...

Incidentally, if you go into this more often, a friend of mine has a longarm machine to sell (I don't know what that means, but i assume that a quilter would ;).