Sunday, December 28, 2008


I am ashamed at how I have neglected my blog lately. I am supposed to be resting right now as I have been pretty ill for the last week, but I wanted to update first.
We are currently at my parent's home in Utah. There is something about being home that just makes my heart happy. Even though this house is not the one I grew up in, Mom and Dwane make it feel as if it was. Mom works so hard to have everything just so that Christmas with her, in their house, is always extra special.
There is also something about being back in St George. Although I ran away from this place as quickly as possible after high school I will always love being here. The glow of the sunrise on the red sandstone hills with the snow covered peak of Pine Valley Mountain rising behind them is something truly spectacular to behold. The beauty of this place does not rely on the trees and various vegitation to make it beautiful. Its beauty is in the wide open spaces, the shapes of the hills, and the unexpected colors that mix together in a new and fascinating way.
Although we found our dream home in PA and will probably be there forever, this is and will always be home.


Nathan and Amy said...

We do love St. George!! How fun that you got to come home for Christmas. :) Sorry to hear you are under the weather.

Andrea said...

I'm feeling jeolous of your Utah trip. I really really wanted to be in Utah for Christmas this year but I couldn't find a good enough deal on tickets ($700 a piece--no thanks!). Sorry you are feeling sick! At least your mom is there to make you better???

Steph said...

It was so fun to see you guys. We are missing you and your boys!! I hope you're feeling better