Sunday, December 21, 2008

almost there...

I feel like the entire time period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is more like a marathon than a holiday. I am glad to say that we have completed the race in good standing and are ready for the reward- heading to Utah!!
The stake Handel's Messiah sing along was a success. We had a few glitches, but the spirit carried us through. Last Sunday John also had to speak for high council and I had to sing. Good thing it was last week as I have no voice this week.
Today was our ward Christmas program. It went really well, again there were a few hiccoughs, but now it is over, done, finito, kaput. Hallelujah!
Now all we have to do is make some cookies, pack, and pray for a working airport so we can fly home to Utah on Wednesday. If any of you have some pull with the weather gods please beseech them on our behalf!

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