Wednesday, February 27, 2008

banned from Home Depot

In our haste to finish the work on our house before tomorrow we took a quick trip to Home Depot on Saturday, dragging the kids along with us. We should have called a sitter! Both boys fell asleep on the way so they were cranky and groggy when we got there. James insisted on being carried the entire time - and trust me that is not an easy thing to do. He weighs almost as much as Samuel does!
Anyway, we made it to maybe two aisles of stuff we needed and were standing in the aisle that has door frames and wood trim when I got tired and set James down. As soon as his feet touched the floor he started throwing up! I grabbed him to help him lean over so he wouldn't get his clothes all yucky and then stood there in mortified silence while John took Sam to go find some help.
The Home Depot workers were pleasant enough about it and cordoned off the area so they could clean it up. I went to the bathroom to get James a papertowel and to clean off his binky. Meanwhile, John hightailed it to the checkout so we could buy the stuff we had already found. We were both tempted to finish finding everything on our list so we wouldn't have to take a second trip, but figured we didn't want James to throw up in the store again and get us banned from Home Depot. It is our favorite store, after all. We made the right choice! James threw up again in the car on the way home.
I just love having kids!


Danielle said...

Ahhh- nothing like a little throw up to complete an already exhausting shopping trip with 2 kids! Yuck throwing up in the car is the worst, the smell lasts forever!

Heather said...

I am SO SORRY!!! Good Luck finishing up everything!

Heather said...

How'd your meeting go???

yamsey said...

The meeting went well. We just have a few minor things to finish up and the house goes in the MLS system on Tuesday. Woo-hoo!