Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the good samaritan

In institute class today we talked about the parable of the good samaritan. It was a really interesting lesson and a good reminder to show love to everyone who crosses our path. Our teacher asked if we were ever recipients of the actions of a good samaritan. We all shared stories in class but I thought of another experience that I wanted to share.
It was a Sunday evening. We had had an especially difficult day. James was about six months old at the time and I was having difficulties making the adjustment from one kid to two. I am what we call a "church widow." John is in the bishopric so he has to sit on the stand during church while I handle the kids by myself. On top of that, since I am the choir director we get to church an hour early for practice. You can imagine that after four hours of church, a boy fighting tooth and nail not to go to nursery and a baby who like all babies needed constant attention, I was really in need of a break. Well, I don't remember what made this day worse than any other Sunday but I remember being so sick of the kids and literally on the verge of tears all afternoon. I had a rehearsal that night to sing with the stake choir in The Messiah but had decided that enough was enough and there was no way I was going. I was in the middle of washing a kitchen full of dishes when there was a knock on the door. Grumbling, I dried off my hands and went to answer the door. On my doorstep were two sweet women from church who were also singing in The Messiah. They said they were supposed to get a ride from someone else but they couldn't get a hold of them and could I please give them a ride to choir practice? I told them I wasn't planning on going but if they could not get in touch with their ride I would take them. Trust me, I didn't want to but I felt I was obligated after they took the subway and the bus to get to my house. One of the women borrowed my phone to call their original ride while the other one picked up my screaming baby and rocked him gently while I returned to my dishes. A few minutes later the other woman was off the phone and had procured them a ride to rehearsal. After she hung up the phone she started washing my dishes with me! James was still screaming and Samuel needed something so I went to go attend to the kids for a few minutes. When I returned to the kitchen the women had finished my dishes and cleaned up the kitchen for me. A few minutes later their ride arrived and they left for choir rehearsal. Their kind and thoughtful service could not have been bestowed on a more grateful recipient. It felt like Heavenly Father had seen how hard I was struggling and had sent these two sisters to me to show that he loved me and he understood I was doing the best that I could. This was such a blessing for me I hope that I can do it for someone else one day. I just need to remember to try.

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