Monday, December 24, 2007

a little birdie

For Christmas this year we took the kids to Target to get their pictures taken so we could make our Christmas cards. The appointment was in the afternoon and the kids were tired and a little over hyper to say the least. Anyway of the dozen or so pictures that were taken, only about 3-4 were actually worth printing. The cutest one of the boys has them hugging each other and looking out at the camera with huge smiles on their faces. As I was admiring the picture and selecting it for our Christmas cards John pointed out a little flaw...
John: "Umm, honey, did you notice James' hand?"
Erin: "No. Why?"
John: "James is flipping people off!"
I looked for a minute because I clearly hadn't picked up on it, and decided,
"Nobody will notice."
I was wrong! It is the number one comment about our Christmas card. Not "Oh, the boys look so cute!" or "What a nice family picture." All I hear is, "Umm, Erin, did you realize James is flipping the birdie?" I guess next time I will listen to John!
So if you were one of the fortunate few to receive a card from us, check it out - if you haven't already noticed! Consider the big laugh you get out of it our gift to you!


Danielle said...

Erin-I hadn't noticed but I'm off to go check it out now!

Rebecca said...

I noticed right away, but Tyler hadn't. We agreed that the most considerate thing to do would be to pretend we didn't notice! I thought it was really funny, though. :-)

Oh, the innocence! Think of what a laugh they will have over that in, like, 15 years. hee hee.