Wednesday, December 19, 2007


We decided to reduce my depression meds last week to see if it would cut down on the exhaustion I am experiencing every day. So far it hasn't helped too much (although I haven't fallen asleep while driving so maybe it does help a little) but the anxiety I am now experiencing is not worth the possible benefits. I think I must be going crazy. I am going through my life analyzing everything - my decisions, my direction in life, my relationships, my parenting skills - everything!! Even the knowledge that it is the change in medication that is making me feel this way does not help. John says it takes about 3 weeks for the body to regulate itself after a change in medication. I guess in the meantime I will just wait and hope and pray that I will survive till then.


International Tease said...

Hang in there, honey!! Make a paper chain with your kids to count the days to three weeks from now.

Please call me if you need anything!!!

yamsey said...

Thanks Julie! I probably shouldn't post on bad days. I'm much better today.

International Tease said...

i'm very happy to hear it! Happy almost Christmas! Got your card, btw, and you pictures are adorable!