Monday, March 7, 2011


I have a bunch of friends who are having babies this month and have been trying to make baby quilts for them.  Unfortunately, I am still lacking in the energy department so the process is going slower than I would like.  However, I have been using some creative energy so that is always a good thing.
Here are pictures of the step by step process of the rag circle quilt I made for my friend Jennie.  It takes a lot of time but turns out really cool.

Step 1:  Cut fabric into circles
Step 2:  Put two circles together (wrongsides touching) and sew around the edge.  Repeat.

Step 3:  Trace a square inside each circle
Step 4:  Sew two circles together along the side of the traced square.  Repeat.

Step 5:  Sew rows together using the square edges.
Step 6:  Fold over the flaps from the cirles and sew them down
Step 7:  Cut around all of the seams 1/4 inch apart

Step 8:  Wash the quilt and admire the results.

Granted, the above steps are over simplified but you get the general idea.  I absolutely love this quilt but the amount of effort can be daunting.  Most of the baby quilts I am making right now are not this elaborate for obvious reasons- but it was a fun exercise.  I will pst more pictures soon.

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