Saturday, October 16, 2010

costumes, costumes, costumes

For Halloween this year James was planning on trading off with a couple of costumes he has already worn.  Samuel wasn't sure what he wanted to be this year but he was pretty sure it was going to be a Star Wars somebody- for the 4th year.  So I pulled up the Party City website last night to let them look through costumes.  They saw some adult costumes from the Lord of the Rings movies and decided that they definitely needed to be Legolas (Sam) and Aragorn (James).  John introduced the boys to Lord of the Rings about a month ago when I was out with some friends.  He figured that as long as he fast forwarded through the scary parts it was perfectly ok to show the movies to our 5 and 7 year olds.  Sigh.
Anyway, since then the boys have chosen their favorite characters and we play Lord of the Rings now (The boys as listed above, John is Gandalf, I am Aowyn and Matthew is Gimli), alternating with our usual Star Wars and the latest craze, Harry Potter, makebelieve.
I told them I didn't think that they made kids sized LOTR costumes but that I would check.  Lo and Behold!
You can find almost anything on Amazon.  I could not believe that they actually had kids costumes for these movies!  So John and I ended up spending more than we normally would for costumes for the boys.  But we know that like some of their previous costumes, these will get A LOT of use before and after as well as during Halloween.
The bad news?  No baby sized Gimli costumes for Matthew!  LOL!
Sam and  James really wanted John and I to get costumes so that we could dress up as a family.  John just couldn't stomach the wig and beard for the Gandalf costume and they don't make any Aowyn costumes for me- although they do have a really cool Arwen costume, but who in their right mind pays over $70 for a Halloween costume?

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