Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Back at the Mawr

Monday morning I took Matthew on a fieldtrip back to Bryn Mawr College.  I graduated 10 years ago in May and I still miss it.  This year Bryn Mawr is celebrating it's 125th anniversay.  As a part of the celebration the college sent out a request for former students to come and read letters written by students from the early years of the college and to contribute their own observations of their first years at Bryn Mawr. 
I met BMC junior Mae Carleson in the archives and sat down to decipher the handwriting of a woman who attended Bryn Mawr from 1925-1929.  The letters were written to her parents.  The notes were hilarious and sweet and silly and strangly similar and yet completely different from my own experiences at Bryn Mawr.  I felt like I was reading one of those guilty pleasure kinds of novels.  But more about that later...
Anyway, the walk across campus was absolutely delicious.  My first ever time experiencing a real fall was at Bryn Mawr.  Where I grew up there was a two week period when the leaves turned brown and fell off.  I had actually thought that it was an overexaggeration that leaves change colors other than brown.  Anyway, on Monday the campus was already painted in reds and golds and oranges.  There was a thick carpet of leaves on Merion Green and the view over the playing fields with the multihued trees somehow seemed to glow.  It transported me back to freshman year- except for the baby on my hip.  I am still kicking myself for forgetting my camera. 

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WhiteEyebrows said...

I still remember when you went off to Bryn Mawr. I thought you were so old and mature and grown up - and sooooo chique that you were going to an east coast school.

I had my 5 year graduation anniversary this year. August 28 was my 10 year anniversary of starting my mission. Life just flies by.