Tuesday, August 24, 2010

overheard at the Traverso's

This is a whispered conversation that just took place between Sam and James after they got in trouble for not doing one of their (few and very easy) jobs.

Samuel:  It like Mom's the boss of us.  She's telling us what to do.
James:  Yeah.
Samuel:  It's not fair!  I wish we could do whatever we wanted.
James:  That would be awesome!

Apparently, I am parenting like I am supposed to... or at least a close proximity.  I must have had the exact conversation with my brothers countless times.

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Emily said...

I re-found your blog after noticing that you finished Mockingjay on goodreads. I'm still waiting for my book to arrive... But - I'm actually commenting to say how BIG and SO CUTE Matthew has become in the last couple of months. He's adorable and looks so much older since left. And I love S & J's conversation. Is it bad that I hope I overhear the same conversation someday between Allyson and Spencer??