Sunday, December 13, 2009


Christmastime is my favorite time of year (despite the cold).  One of the reasons I love Christmas is because I LOVE Christmas music.  I would start playing Christmas music the day after Halloween and continue on until Valentine's Day if my husband would not completely disown me for it.
One of my favorite traditions (despite all of the complaining I do about it) is our church's Messiah Sing Along.  We just had the Sing Along tonight and it went fabulously well.  This year was unusual as the powers-that-be entrusted the entire mess (I mean production) to my somewhat crazy self.  Rachel Johnson, who had been running the circus (I mean production) for the previous three years, was finally released from the task about half way through rehearsals.  Luckily we had most of the framework in place at that point.

A couple of my favorite points about this year:
--pulling soloists from our amazing choir we have.  This year we used several of our stellar choir members as soloists.  They enjoyed the opportunity and the audience was treated to a bevy of new and fabulous voices.  It was so cool seeing them really shine up there!
--finding our bass soloist via Facebook.  We could not find a bass soloist despite our best efforts.  Our usual bass was otherwise engaged this year.  So in desperation I called my brother, Tyler, in Boston and begged him to come down for the weekend to sing.  He turned me down but said he would see if Rebecca could help with her connctions in Philly.  Becca posted our need for a bass on Facebook.  Two more of her friends from Philly picked up the post and put it on their pages and the next day I had a bass soloist.  He was really amazing, too!  Thanks Rebecca and Florrie and Harriet... and Jeff!!!  And thank you, Facebook!
--hauling Matthew around at each and every rehearsal.  Matthew became a sort of mascot or pet for the Messiah choir members.  He was passed around from person to person and completely charmed each and every one who held him.  After all, he is the worlds most pleasant baby when he is being held.

And just for fun, my friend Julie posted this alternative version of Handel's Halleluia Chorus on Facebook.  I had tears streaming down my face I was laughing so hard.  Maybe I just need some sleep...

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~Jenn said...

I was thinking of all of you during this Messiah season. How I miss the Messiah choir. Kudos to you for working on that project with the little one. I loved the Mute monks, I had tears too!!