Friday, September 4, 2009

just ducky

Mom and Dwane are out this weekend for Matthew's Blessing (9am at the Broomall Building if anyone wants to come) and for some fun we went on the duck tour (complete with quackers) through Philadelphia. It was actually really fun! The boys loved it as much as the adults did and our tour guide, Jack, was hilarious. He had theme music for every historical site or bend in the road. He started out with the Rocky theme and ended with YMCA and the Looney Toons music "That's All Folks". Too funny! He also interspersed quacky jokes throughout his historical monologue. His best: "Why don't they serve cheesesteak sandwiches at McDonalds? Because it would be a McSteak!" We quacked at him for that one!
Seriously, if you are looking for something fun to do in the city, this is a good idea. A little pricey but worth the money. Just ask for Jack.

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