Friday, September 18, 2009

James' first day of preschool

So Wednesday was James' first day of preschool. We put Samuel on the bus to school and then John came with me to drop James off. We were expecting a full out screaming fit or at least copious tears. What we got instead was a quick hug and then he was off playing with toys. He even said hello to his teacher without hiding behind me or a piece of furniture! Has James been possessed? No, I think he was just READY!
Before School

After School

And here is just a quick picture of Matthew who is officially six weeks old today. Wow!

And one more pic, just because it is too cute. So serious already!

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Danielle said...

What a nice break..only one little guy at home! I would love to get my hands on little Matthew for a photo shoot...he is too cute! It looks like one finally got some italian in him!