Friday, November 7, 2008

recent Samisms

Just a couple notes about what Samuel (my precocious five year old) has been up to lately...

At dinner Monday night Samuel started an interesting conversation:

Samuel: "Tomorrow I am going to vote for Barak Obama."
me: "Oh, really? Why are you going to vote for him?"
Samuel: "Because Riley is." --as if that explains everything. Riley is Sam's best friend at school.

Sam has turned into a social butterfly. Every day when he gets on the bus I hear a chorus of voices say "Hi Sam!" and then he quickly walks to the back of the bus to sit with his buddies. When I was a kid, the back of the bus was where the cool kids or trouble makers sat- sometimes both. Isn't five a little bit early to start with all of that???

Samuel has already started calling his friends on the phone. A week or so ago he called his friend Maya. Here is the resulting conversation:

Maya's Dad: Hello?
Samuel: Is this Maya Rozin's house?
Maya's Dad: Yes it is. Who is this?
Samuel: Samuel Traverso. Is Maya there?
Maya's Dad: She's not. (Finally catching on that he was talking to a five year old!) Can I give her a message?
Samuel: I just wanted to tell her that I have a zebra and I want her to come and see it.
Maya's Dad: You want to have a playdate?
Samuel: Yes!
Maya's Dad: Ok. I will talk to Maya and she will call you back. What is your phone number?
Samuel: 610-***-****.
Maya's Dad: Wait let me grab a pen... ok. Go ahead.
Samuel: 610-***-****
Maya's Dad: Ok. I'll have her call you. Bye.
Samuel: Thank you. Goodbye.

I was astounded by his phone manners. Where did he learn that??

And one last thing... Wednesday was Samuel's first wrestling practice. John wrestled in high school and college so he has been counting down to this moment since I was pregnant with Sam.
Samuel was one of the youngest and smallest boys there. The practice involved a lot of pounding the mat and yelling like coaches of all sports do.
As we got in the car to go home I asked Samuel how he liked wrestling. His response cracked me up! He said, "Ummm... (with a glance at dad) I'll get used to it. I don't like it as much as school though." He is so MY kid!!


preethi said...

hahahaha, I thought this post was SO funny. a) I love the phone conversation. and b) I REALLY love that he likes school more than wrestling. :)

Rebecca said...

How cute--that's my sweetie pie!

I have to say, I'm not surprised he has good phone manners. I've always thought Sam was a polite little boy! :)

Also, how perfect is it that he wanted her to come see his zebra? So Sam!