Wednesday, November 12, 2008

7 Random Facts

I got tagged- thanks Eryn. So here you go.

7 Random Facts about me

1. I played t-ball when I was a kid and was the only girl on my team.

2. Carrying on with my tomboyish ways I played the trumpet in middle school and a little bit in high school. There was one other girl trumpeter but she was two years older than me.

3. I am a chicken. I do not watch scary movies at all because they give me horrible nightmares. I saw Ghostbusters when I was younger and it gave me nightmares for a year.

4. I am adamantly opposed to handguns but the only video games I like to play are the shoot 'em up games.

5. I am a dancer. I have taken dance lessons since I was 3. I studied and performed modern, tap, ballet, jazz, swing and a little ballroom. I do not take lessons now but I dance in my kitchen all the time... usually with my husband and kids.

6. I love to travel. I have already been to Russia, Italy, Germany, Finland, Jamaica and Bermuda. The next few places I really want to go are England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, Greece and Spain. My ideal trip would be a cruise through the Mediterranean Sea. I keep hinting at it to John as something fun to do for our 10th anniversary.

7. I am extraordinarily gullible. John made up a fairly plausible BS story about why our old house had two front doors. However, he forgot to tell me he made it up until about 3 months later when he heard me telling the story to one of our friends. Of course I had believed him and told everyone we knew. Yes, I did smack him for that one!

Ok, I think I will tag Heather W., Lizzie, and Amy S. Have fun!

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