Thursday, November 8, 2007

of elections and yard sales

I have a pet peeve that seems to be especially aggravated this time of year. My problem is with people who don't clean up after themselves. Fall seems to bring a plethora of yard sale signs stuck to telephone poles and anything else that can help display the announcement to passing traffic. I have no problem with the way these signs are posted, just with the fact that the signs are left there for weeks and sometimes months after the fact. Is it really so difficult to pick them up? Is the yard sale so exhausting that people do not have any strength in the following weeks to put their signs in the trash? I have often been tempted to pick up the signs myself and wallpaper the offenders' house with them. Good sense and my children in the car have held me off from that particular course of action.
Political signs present me with the same kid of frustration. Election day was on Tuesday. You would think that the candidates who spent so many months promising to improve life in our community would be able to remove their signs from public property in a prompt manner. Alas, no. It would seem that they suffer from the same exhaustion or laziness which has befallen the hosts of the local yard sales.
For me, I think it would be appropriate to charge $5-$10 per sign that has to be removed by township workers. It is not like it will be difficult to find the persons responsible - their name and/or address is plastered all over the signs!

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