Saturday, November 17, 2007

lightsaber duels

We have quite a collection of lightsabers - partially because we have boys who are obsessed with sword fights and partially because John and I are Star Wars fanatics. I am talking stand-in-line-for-hours-to-get-tickets-to-Episode 1 fanatics.

Tonight Samuel decided that we needed to have a lightsaber fight. John brought down the mother of all lightsabers - his electronic light and noise lightsaber that you can join together to make the Darth Maul lightsaber. It is so cool! (Man, I sound like a geek!) Samuel armed himself with my purple lightsaber declaring, "Look dad! I'm Mace Windo!" I grabbed a red and blue lightsaber to try and hold off John (yes, I do have split personalities). James was offered a green lightsaber (a relic from Samuel's Halloween costume 2 years ago) but chose instead to fight with his little toy screwdriver that is about 6 inches long; he wasn't too effective but had a marvelous time anyway.

Anyway, once we were all armed we began the fight - everyone against Daddy. The kids sustained multiple pretend injuries but no fatalities. John and I would periodically act out dramatic death scenes only to be revived by kisses from the boys to resume the fight. Samuel has learned to use the force so every once in a while he would throw up his hand and make a buzzing noise and John would jump backwards as if pushed by the force. It was too funny!

I really love my boys!

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