Friday, August 31, 2007


I am heading home the end of September for my 10 year high school reunion. I am excited to go home and see my mom and Dwane but mildly apprehensive about the reunion itself. I think the years have softened the horrors of high school and made me look back with mostly fond memories. Am I tempting fate to go back and dredge up all the old truths that I have blocked out? I know I have changed a lot since graduation. How much has everyone else changed? Will I recognize anyone? Will I remember anyones names? Will we all slip back into the "roles" we played when we were in high school? It would make an interesting study.
I think what has me most unnerved is that I will be going stag. John is too busy at work to make the trip and he wanted to keep the kids with him for the weekend to give me a break. What a great husband I have! Of course, it would be even better if I could take my good looking husband and introduce him as Dr Traverso. Isn't part of a reunion the opportunity to brag a little bit about how well your life is going?! I just wish I were 10 pounds lighter... he he he
The weirdest part - to register I had to email our senior class president, a guy I had a crush on through all of elementary school. I think it is the most I have ever "spoken" to him at one time.


International Tease said...

If you were ten pounds lighter, you'd disappear! Have a good time, and brag about your wonderful husband who's a busy doctor and still manages to take your kids off your hands so you can go to your high school reunion.

Erin Traverso said...

hmmm...good point. Just because he's not there doesn't mean I can't brag anyway. :)