Saturday, August 18, 2007

Peter Pan the Avenger!

Samuel is going through a Peter Pan phase. He loves Peter Pan! He watches it over and over and when he is not watching it, he is acting it out. We have all been assigned our particular roles. Sam is, of course, Peter. James is Michael. Daddy is Captain Hook. And I am - not Wendy, that role goes to Samuels favorite Auntie Becca - I am Tiger Lily (pronounced Tiger Louie). We get to act out scenes from the movie and the play - swordfights and all. For his birthday one my friends got Sam a Peter Pan set complete with collapsable sword that lights up (this is Sam's sword - don't touch!), a little rubber knife (James'), a hook (Daddy's) and an old fashon gun that shoots foam darts.
Anyway, because Peter Pan is Sam's favorite show it is also James' favorite. The other day I took James with me to the shoe store. He brought with him a yellow plastic drumstick which he was using as a sword at the time. While I was browsing James ran up the aisle, climbed up on one of the little benches posted every few feet or so and yelled "Peter Pan the avenger!" at the top of his lungs - brandishing his drumstick at his imaginary foes. Then he climbed off the bench and proceeded to the next one to repeat his proclaimation. I was getting looks from the other customers but honestly I was laughing too hard to care!


Rebecca said...

Aww, what cute boys!!! I really miss them. Tiger Lily, please bring Peter and his li'l brother to visit soon!

Auntie Wendy

Erin Traverso said...

Auntie Wendy,
We miss you too!
We will try and come soon.