Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy Birthday, James!

We have hit the busy season so most of my blog posts have not made it from my head to the computer.  However, I could not miss this one.
My sweet Mr James just celebrated his 6th birthday!  Hooray!
I took brownies into school on his actual birthday then he had a party a Chuck E Cheese with his friends from school the next day and a family party at home on Sunday.  Lots of fun!

Here are some fun facts about James at age 6:
James still loves Lambies (he has 5 stuffed animal lambs:  Lamby the White, Lamby the Lamb, Lamby the Sheep, Lamby the Small and Lamby the Big), strawberries (he will eat an entire carton in one sitting if you let him) and playing Xbox or Wii with his daddy and big brother.  He also plays really well with his little brother Matthew- most of the time, anyway.  He is in his last two weeks of Kindergarten and is reading up a storm and loves to demonstrate his counting and math skills.  His favorite class is Music (so my kid!).  He also likes to swim and play soccer and he finally thinks that riding bicycles is a fun thing to do.  He loved his after school art classes.  His favorite tv show is the cartoon "Avengers" and he loves Spiderman and Iron Man (in that order) the best.  His most favorite movie ever is "How to Train Your Dragon."  His best friends are Jacob S. and Michael R and of course, Gracie K.

Here are some fun photos of James over the last year:

Happy Birthday to my sweet neglected middle child.  One of these days I promise you will get all of the attention you deserve! =)

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