Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Pumpkin Party and Halloween

This year we had our third annual Pumpkin Party ala the Grey Family tradition.  We had cookie decorating and crafts and the indispensible pumpkin carving as well as gobbs of yummy food.  For the first time in our history of pumpkin parties we actually had nice weather.  So the kids had a great time playing on the swingset too.  My lovely friend Jewels took pictures for me since I was busy trying to juggle set up and Matthew.  Thanks Jewels!!

The Halloween costumes for Sam and James turned out even cuter than I thought they would be.  They still play with them and will probably be wearing them year round.  =)  The only downside of the costumes, according to Sam, is that he had to keep explaining to their friends who he was supposed to be.  Matthew wore the monkey costume that we had bought for James when he was little.  I had forgotten how cute it was!  Since Halloween was on a Sunday we partied the entire weekend.  School party and church trunk-or-treating on Friday, Pumpkin Party on Saturday and Halloween trick-or-treating on Sunday.  After the trick-or-treating we hung out with our good friends Kelly and Chris and had some hot chocolate to warm up.

We had a great weekend!

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Jewels said...

Thanks again for having us over for your amazing Pumpkin Party! My family and I had a terrific time and I enjoyed taking pictures :)