Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The Mikado

I am doing some community theater again. This time we will be performing The Mikado. It is another Gilbert and Sullivan show so don't be surprised if you don't recognize the name.
We have a different director than we had for Pirates of Penzance. Our new director has a very different style than our previous one so I have had a little bit of difficulty adjusting. She does not give very specific directions and is easily frustrated - now that we have everything blocked, hopefully it will start going better.
Anyway, the show is a parody on Japanese culture. It shamelessly mocks their culture and although it is funny I am having visions of the audience reacting to the show like they initally do to "Springtime for Hitler" in The Producers. I guess as long as no one starts chasing the director around with a gun we should be ok. Although Sunday at rehearsal I wish I had had a gun!


Phee said...

I thought I'd ask you: it's been driving me NUTS but Chrissa's band has been playing "Send in the Clowns" recently and every time I hear it it reminds me of a song from "Into the Woods." I've looked at the song listing on Amazon and I cannot for the life of me figure out which song it reminds me of..."People Will Listen" maybe? (mostly it's the part of "Send in the Clowns" when the tempo speeds up somewhat and it's kind of legato)


yamsey said...

"Careful the things you say. Children will listen. Careful the things you do. Children will see and learn."
It's called "Children Will Listen." The witch sings it after Rapunzel dies, I think.
Do you have any more? I like this game!

Phee said...

No more. But what's strange is I went to the movies tonight and they had a piano playing by itself (it plays digital CDs or something) and it was playing "Send in the Clowns." What is up?

Now that I think about it...both songs were by Sondheim, so I guess it makes sense they have similar melodies.

yamsey said...

Gotta love Sondheim!
What kind of movie theater has a player piano?

Phee said...

They built a new outdoor mall next to our house. It is supposed to be "high-end" but it's just going to stink in winter when you can't stay warm while you're shopping.

I do like the player piano though. It's a nice touch...especially when it plays rag.